Computers and Smartphones -The Hidden Enemy of Young Skin

Digital Age and The Age of Information is an age of many detrimental things that we don’t usually care about. Every day something new pops up in research papers telling us how screen exposure is affecting our health and looks, doesn’t it? Along with the painful Text Neck and the scary Cellphone Elbow, we have a new worry at our hands due to the technology that we are so proud of. Well, calm down and buckle up for this heart-stopping news: The blue light emerging from your beloved phone’s screen is causing wrinkles on your face!

Yes, you read it right. It has been proven scientifically that high-energy visible light (HEV) triggers wrinkling and aging of your skin. Of course, it is not like you sleep one day and you wake up to a wrinkled face in the mirror, rather it is a slow process. This blue light works just as the sunlight works – slowly but dangerously to cause your skin to age. The photo therapists and beauty experts have taken up this issue seriously and urge us to take care of our skin.

Well, you do not have to lose or heart or worse yet deactivate your social media accounts and go all monk on the mobile phone usage. Here are some miraculous products which will help you shield your skin against the wrinkle-stimulating blue light.



Drunk Elephant (A-Passioni Retinol Cream):

This magical cream has 1.0% vegan retinol formula which deeply nourishes your skin. It not only diminishes signs of sun and blue light damage but also bring back the life and youth of your skin. The vitamin F and xanthophyll actively retain the freshness of your skin and protect it from aging stressors.



Dr. Sebagh (Self-tanning Drops)

These self-tanning drops are a dream come true for all of us beauty conscious lovelies out there. They protect our skin from a variety of environmental stressors and aging factors like sunlight, HEV exposure, and oxidative stress. These drops are so good that once you use them there is no turning away from them.




Natura Bisse (Diamond Cocoon Skin Booster)

If you are scared of all the pollutants and stressors in the environment for their drastic effects on your skin then this skin booster is your savior. It shields your skin from most environmental stressors and technological dangers. It helps in saving the microbiota of your skin as well helps in revitalizing it so that you look exactly the way you want to.




Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Pollution Drops

These anti-pollution drops are what every woman needs to fight off the pollutants in the environment. The drops exceptionally well when applied directly on your skin as well as when combined with your other serums.



Ultrasun (Daily Face Fluid SPF 50+)

The active Ectoin present in Ultrasun is your true friend if you want to have a fresh, young and lively skin. It retains the nutrients of your skin as well as adds to them to make sure that your skin goals are not goals anymore but an achievement.




Make Beauty – (Moonlight Primer)

This lovely matte primer is the answer to so many skin problems that you just have to get it. From stopping the makeup from seeping into your skin to protecting your skin from HEV, there is hardly anything that this primer doesn’t do for you.

Photoaging is not a myth anymore and skin protection is no joke either. So, take your skin’s health in your own hands and rejuvenate it with the help of these amazing products!

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