Customisable Beauty Products – The Coolest Beauty Trend

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Customisable Beauty Products and SkinCare – The Coolest Beauty Trend

Gone are the days when we would settle for any makeup products and skincare range that popular makeup brands offered us. After all, why make any compromises on makeup and make do with the products that are the best fit for us instead of something made just for our skin? The makeup and beauty industry has been revolutionized and keeps coming up with new makeup trends all the time. However, the one makeup trend that is going to stay here for a long, long time is the customization of makeup products. From the leading names in the makeup world to the new aspiring brands, most are now offering customization services owing to the huge demand.

Why custom beauty products?

Custom products are gaining popularity real quick and have left us in a swirl of admiration and confusion. Some people are still cautious about it and want to know why they should go for customized makeup and care products. The answer to this question is simple, but a quick biology lesson is in order! Every cell in our body, including skin cells, comprises DNA and genetic material which imparts certain characteristics to the organs. Now each person has a different set of genes, so the usual “one size fits all” mantra does not hold any true value.

Each human is unique, so has different type and characteristics of skin which need to be treated differently. You just cannot keep on using the same foundation that is the closest shade to your skin color. Instead, you can have a whole new foundation shade customized for your skin tone! This applies to the serums and mists that you use over your skin for night treatments and skin care products too. You should replenish your skin each night with the products which have the ingredients which fulfill the needs of you’re the most.

Moreover, the makeup products in a beauty range mostly have the same basic chemical formula which is not ideal for all skin types. You never know how a certain product can affect your skin and cause acne, inflammation or downright allergic reactions. Now, you wouldn’t want that to happen to your skin, would you? The best way to avoid this is to have your makeup and skincare products tailored just for you. This way you will not end up with products which have ingredients detrimental for your skin. 

Usually, we go for trial and error methods to buy products and then hope for them to turn out to be good for us. We seriously don’t need a reminder of how much money we waste that way and to think of the risk that it implies on our skin is scary. So, why not just put a stop to it and have the products that you need to be made specifically for you. Even if the customized care and beauty products are somewhat expensive than the usual ones, they are worth it in all possible ways. 

The custom beauty products can be modified in a way that they protect your skin from the ever-increasing pollution in the environment. That too can be done in a way which neutralizes your skin perfectly and keeps it well balanced. The custom beauty and care products are a way of ensuring that makeup products are not tested on animals. This brutal practice of experimenting on animals with all kinds of chemicals is quite horrifying, you can stop this by having your makeup and skincare products custom made for you. This way the processes and ingredients will be of your choice ensuring a cruelty-free makeup range for you.

Customized haircare products:

The customization of care and beauty products is not limited to skin only, rather the haircare products need customization too. Remember all those walks down the aisles of shopping malls looking for a cure-all shampoo and conditioner for your hair. We are sure it is as tiring and disappointing for you as it is for us. There a lot of different kinds of problems that our hair faces at a time, but the shampoos come with a solution to only one or two of them at a time. The rest of the problems are just ignored. So, why just have your hair treated for split ends when you face hailfall too? This can be taken care of if you just ask the haircare product experts to design you shampoo and conditioner which cater to multiple needs at a time, saving you from any distress and excessive products usage.

Popular customization trends:

Some popular brands like Prose Customised Hair Care have a form on their websites asking the customers about their hair profile to get them the perfect shampoo and conditioner. They even take into consideration the fragrance and lather preferences of the products that the customers have. You can answer a few questions on their website and then have a customized shampoo and conditioner for you with your name written on the bottle. Who wouldn’t love that? Surely, nobody!


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The idea of customization was adopted by Fenty Beauty whose owner Rihanna, launched a range of 40 foundation shades. Women with each skin type can find the perfect shade for them and they no longer have to rely on the “one product for all” phenomenon. This enables women to own their skin color proudly and be free of the worries to get lighter or darker tones which would give an unnatural appearance to their makeup.


Fenty Beauty


A very successful shade finder is Bite Beauty, you can chose from over 200 exclusive shade options. We tried is amazing!!


bite lipstick


Curology, where Dr. Lortscher a dermatologist created a custom quality skincare accessible to everyone.



bareMinerals Made-2-Fit Fresh Faced Foundation a successful app that analyses your skin tone using the iPhone camera. It delivers a precise colour match your skin tone and the Fresh Faced Foundation ($49) is delivered in 72 hours.


app bareminerals


The famous UK makeup brand, Beauty Kitchen, has a very hands-on approach to the custom makeup products. They give workshops to people on how to mix ingredients to design the best products. They sell “raw inventions” kits to people too so that they can make their own products using the ingredients from the custom makeup kits.

Kitchen Beauty

Some other brands help you design concoctions for body scrubs, soaking bath salts, exfoliators, and other body cleansing products.

You can have anything from the foundation and lipstick to nail paints and shampoos customized for yourself. So, why not just have fun with all the ingredients that you love and your skin approves of!


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