Gifts to Cherish Your Mother’s Love This Mother’s Day and Help Her to Relax

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Mother’s Day is one of the most emotional days of the year where we get to express our love and devotion to our mothers. It is one day which allows us to be as expressive of our love to our mothers as we want to be. 31st March is the official Mother’s Day in England and it is just around the corner, so what have you planned to make this day special for your mother and you? Well, if you haven’t planned something yet, you do not have to worry. Here are some of the loveliest gifts that you can give to your mother to show your appreciation of her efforts. This is a list of presents selected by me because they reflect my necessity to relax and I hope that my daughter and husband will pick from this list. At the top of it, there is a weekend retreat in a very good SPA. Love that!! and then…


  • Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil (Aromatherapy Associates):

All the soothing and anti-stress products of Aromatherapy Associates come highly recommended, but this lovely bath and shower oil is a class apart from all other products of its type. The bath and shower oil help you cleanse off all the impurities from your body while making sure that it does not put any strain on your skin. The therapeutic properties of this oil are so effective and soothing that you will have to make sure that you do not sleep through your alarm after you have had a bath or shower with this amazing anti-stress oil. The formula has been put together after combining all the right ingredients and you will feel the magic of every single one of them.


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Aromatherapy Associates Deep

Relax Bath And Shower Oil – £49


  • The Hero Project Night Drops Stress Less Age Defying Elixir (30 ml):

This is a lovely and magical formula night time treatment elixir which has special age-defying properties. It serves a lot of purposes which can help your mother’s skincare routine a lot of she applies it every night. Well, this Mother’s Day is just the right time to suggest this magical beauty product to her. It is not only the perfect anti-aging serum, but it also takes away visible signs of physical and mental stress. The vitamin B3 formula combined with glycerin and hyaluronic acid helps cleanse the skin and retain its natural moisture. It deeply nourishes the skin effectively sealing off the pores and vanishes the thin lines that mar the face due to aging. What else would your mother want to look lovely and young than all this? So, get this elixir for her this Mother’s Day and make her day with the love and care that you feel for her.


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The Hero Project Night Drops

Stress Less Age Defying Elixir 30ml – £36


  • THERAPIE (Himalayan Detox Salts):

What’s a better gift for your mother than some relaxing and soothing detox salts? These salts have magical properties which have a very positive effect on your body. They help in calming down the palpitations which are caused by stress and help you relieve some tension which keeps on building with everyday difficulties and stress causing agents. The THERAPIE salts are true to their name and they even help with insomnia. It is a part of the self-healing program launched by Michelle Roques O’Neil which can help you relax and regenerate your spirits when you soak yourself in them. So, if you really want to help your Mum relax and forget all her worries then this is the best gift for her.


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Therapie Blissful Slumber £35


  • Blooming Lily Luxury Bath Tub Caddy Tray:

Our mothers love to be prim and proper, don’t they? After all, an old lady gets to have the pleasure of having her thing laid out in front of her while she goes in for a bath, doesn’t she? This bathtub caddy tray is just the right thing to help your Mum feel great about having a bath. The salts, shampoo, and conditioner are neatly laid out in the tray which helps her feel pampered and relaxed in her own bathroom. The caddy tray has an organic and soothing appearance to it which gives off the vibe of a spa treatment. Why go to a spa when you can feel the same pleasure in your own bathroom? Well, that sounds pretty much like a Mom-logic, doesn’t it? So, gift this caddy tray to your Mum to help her feel like the queen that she is.


Blooming Lily Luxury Bath

Tub Caddy Tray (Dark Brown) – £35.99


  • NEOM (Real luxury candle):

Aromatherapy has always proved to be helpful when it comes to releasing stress and have some good quality ‘me time’. This lovely candle by NEOM looks as its fragrance feels to like. The candle not only brings light to your room, but it also brings relief and relaxation to your life. You can ease away in its aroma for hours on end and come up refreshed and rejuvenated to your very core. Well, this surely is something that your mother needs after all these years of struggle, isn’t it? So, just order this bunch of happiness and positive energy to brighten your mother’s days as she continues to work hard to make her and you live better.


Neom Organics London Real Luxury Three

Wick Scented Candle – Scent to De-Stress Range (420g) – £45.00


  • Anjou essential oil diffuser (Ultrasonic 200mL):

All of us love living in aromatic surroundings which have a refreshing soothing feel, don’t we? This Anjou diffuser is the answer to all our prayers and your Mum’s who can just turn it on and have a very refreshing and relaxing aroma spread in her room. It is an ideal gift for Mother’s Day as your Mum can keep it in her bedroom and living room as well as take it to her office so that she always has a pleasant aromatic fragrance about her. The sleek and elegant design is quite handy and can be easily carried to wherever your mother goes. The different lighting modes help you set the mood of the room according to your emotional state. In addition to this, the water diffusing system produces no noise and a fragrant mist is noiselessly spread into the air for you. It is easy to operate and even easier to please, so gift this to your mother on this Mother’s Day and see how happy she becomes.


Anjou Aromatherapy Essential Oil &

Diffuser Gift Set, 200 mL Tank & Top 6 Oils – £32.89


All these gifts are the ultimate best gifts for Mother’s Day as every single one of them focuses on providing comfort to your mother.

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