The Body Shimmers You Need to Try in 2019

Shimmer Body Oil


With summer on our heads, we all need body shimmers for that extra glow. These body shimmers are essential in providing you, the ready for a picture anytime anywhere look, you want this summer.
Whether you have a dark skin tone or a fair one, body shimmers have been around for a long time so, there are enough out there to match every skin tone.
Keep reading to find our favorite body shimmers to achieve 2019’s glow:

1.     Moroccan Oil

This antioxidant-rich, argan and sesame oil body shimmer infuses deep in the skin producing silky, smooth skin.

This lightweight formula absorbs quickly in the skin to nourish it. The minerals in these oils add the radiant shimmer that stands out from far.


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1.     NARS Cosmetics Monoi Body Glow

The people looking to achieve that perfect sun-kissed radiance this summer, NARS Cosmetics Monoi Body Glow is the product for you. This shimmer has a multi-functional purpose. It not only provides a subtle bronze glow to the fair tone people but also hydrates the skin. 

The natural ingredients and fragrances combined to form this shimmer produce a softer skin and an exotic, seductive smell. This body oil will absorb in your skin, making it healthier, nourished and glowing.


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This body shimmer stands out in between all the others because of its one main ingredient sweet almond oil and jojoba seed oil. The Jojoba makes the skin soft, moisturized and nourished. It is excellent hydration of the skin. Once the skin is healthy, it will glow on its own.

The fragrance of Anastasia Nave makes it different from all. Its unique combination of white patchouli with dewy raspberry and peach captures the heart of many.


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4. Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil

This Tom Ford body shimmer captures the skin-kissed summer glow we all desire.
With its lightweight and silky properties, it gives the skin a gold and platinum glow. Whereas the flora fragrance makes every head in the room turn towards you. This body oil will provide you irresistible perfect tan for this summer.


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1.     Frank Body

It’s called ‘Magic Body Shimmer for a reason. Frank body shimmer works to make your skin look healthier. It works on the texture, tones, and imperfections of your body, hiding it well, it eventually eradicates the dull-looking skin, giving the skin shine in the crowd.


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1.     Toning Body Shimmer

It might be the last on the list, but this body shimmer is no less in quality. Application of toning body shimmer gives an even skin tone, making the skin look naturally luminous and glowing. This body toner not only gives an outside shine to the body but also works in increasing the production of collagen, to give a long-lasting rosy appearance.


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These products are totally worth the price because of their exceptional results. Just like highlighters are important to complete your makeup look, these body shimmers are important to complete your overall look. Invest to Look Good!




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