The Chemistry Brand – Because Care of Skin is Important

The Chemistry Brand


Skincare is a form of loving yourself, isn’t it? Who doesn’t love the feel of the smooth and soft skin? Well, everybody does! There is nothing compared with the feeling of thoroughly cleansed and well taken care of skin. Luckily, there are so many beauty brands out there which help us nourish our skin and make us look younger. However, we cannot rely on all of them since there are harsh chemicals in products made by some brands. Now, we wouldn’t want to risk our health or skin by using unreliable products, would we? The answer is, of course, a big NO! This raises another question as to which brand to trust them. Well, there are many amazing brands with spiffing hand, feet and skincare products out there, but The Chemistry Brand has won my heart with their extensive range of skincare products. 

The Chemistry Brand, part of the Deciem was founded by a company based in Toronto,Deciem by a visionary person  who died quite young. 

The Chemistry Brand

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The Chemistry Brand


The Chemistry Brand has a range of beneficial skincare products which are very gentle on your skin and resolve all skin-related issues as well. They leave smooth and radiant skin with such a perfect finish that you cannot resist running your fingers over it. I really love the way the products by The Chemistry Brand make my skin look and feel. The mere act of lathering my hands with their lotion and then running them over my cheeks is so good that I enjoy this silly routine of mine. Here are some of the products by The Chemistry Brand that I love the most.

The Hand Chemistry: 

The Chemistry Brand


The Hand Chemistry is the little cure-all when it comes to problems related to the skin of hands. However, what is truly magical about this amazing hand cream is the fact it has the best anti-aging formula out there. You will not believe the incredible effect it has on the skin of your hands if you continue using it for around 10 days. YES, 10 days is all that this mind-blowing product takes to start transforming your hands into their much younger version! All you have to do is to wash your hands and put an adequate amount of Hand Chemistry on them. The rest is up to its Intensive Youth Complex as it literally works extensively on your hands to bring back their youth and loveliness.

Hey, I don’t plan to keep talking about the way Hand Chemistry made me fall in love with my hands only. Let’s talk facts now and see how the ingredients of this hand lotion work to help you meet your “hand goals”. Skin experts tell that we put a lot of time and efforts on our facial skin and make it look younger. However, we neglect the care of our hands and hence our hands even look older than our actual age sometimes. The wrinkles and coarse skin leave little to people’s imagination as to what your true age is. It also puts a kind of strain on us and we go for extensive routines and manicures, but even they do not work overnight. Hand Chemistry comes to your aid in those moments and helps you put an end to all your hand care woes. 

Hand Chemistry comes with a multi-tasking formula which heeds to the 8 issues that our aging skin faces the most. The 8 aging issues that Hand Chemistry targets are brightness, elasticity, firmness, hydration, evenness, density, texture and smoothness. The rich fragrance is a big plus point and the quantity is great too. To sum it all up, Hand Chemistry is not your usual hydrating lotion rather it is much more than that. The moisture lasts longer and has long term effects which include incredible anti-aging of your hands. Just give it a shot and see how everyone starts admiring your hands for how lovely and young they look.  The hands lose their brightness and appear rather dull and old over time. Hand Chemistry deeply nourishes the skin of your hands and leaves them looking young, radiant and bright. So, Hand Chemistry is the most amazing anti-aging hand cream that you can get presently. And oh, don’t forget that it comes for only $20!

The Heal Chemistry:

The Chemistry Brand


If there is one thing that truly reveals our real age and shows how much we love ourselves, it is the condition of our feet. The heels are often callous and due to extreme dehydration and constant wear and tear. Heel Chemistry takes away all the coarseness and roughness from your heels leaving them smooth and fresh. The best thing about this amazing product is that it is very soothing to your skin. There are no deteriorating elements like acids or urea in it, so you can be sure of entirely healthy heels healing treatment. This heel cream takes merely 14 days for its magic to start showing. You can even rub a little amount on your elbows and hands to get super soft and even skin there. The smooth skin is truly no longer a dream when you have Heel Chemistry on your dressing table.

Extreme Hydration Concentrate:

The Chemistry Brand


Constant exposure of skin to cold temperature robs it of all the protective moisture. The skin needs constant hydration throughout the day and night in winters no matter your age. Extreme Hydration Concentrate by The Chemistry Brand is just the right product for those cold days. This cream has such an amazing hydration formula that it does not just moisturize the skin for an hour or two rather it has a long-lasting effect. It deeply nourishes your skin as well soothes it after returning the moisture to it. By losing its moisture, your skin loses its natural elasticity and the skin tissues appear coarse and very out of shape. The Extreme Hydration Concentrate re-establishes the elasticity of your skin and relieves excessive tightness. 

The Chemistry Brand is a great hit in the market at present because the products are all very effective and have the most amazing and incredible prices. The thing that I like the most about The Chemistry Brand is that their products are tested on humans and are 100% cruelty-free. What else can one look for in a beauty brand before buying its products! Shop some of their products.




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