The Most Effective Skin Care Routine

Skin Care routine

Our skin is always on display, no matter how we feel or how ready we are to face the world. This is why it has to be fresh, glowing and simply spotless. However, having great skin is not just a matter of genetic makeup, you need to take care of it on daily basis to make sure that it stays as lovely as you want it to be. If we break down the most effective skincare routine in three major steps, the steps will be:

  • Cleansing (removing the impurities and dust particles).
  • Toning (Balancing the pH of skin)
  • Moisturising (Hydration of skin)

This is how this skincare routine goes daily to help you attain and then maintain flawless radiant skin.

1) Cleansing:

Cleansing is done to deeply cleanse the pores of your skin while removing all the dust particles, grease, and product accumulation. This makes sure that your pores do not clog due to impurities and when the skin is free from all the impurities, it looks cleaner and breathes better. This way the skin gets smooth and acne free when you keep on cleansing every day. Make sure that you remove all the makeup and cleanse your skin thoroughly before going to bed.

If you do not have any idea of where to begin when it comes to cleansing, here are some basic types of cleansers that you can try according to your skin type.

✓ Foaming liquid:

This is ideal for oily or acne prone skin as you just need to squirt some amount on your hand and mix it with water to form a foamy lather. Then cleanse your skin with it to remove excessoil and other impurities. Make sure to avoid sodium laurel sulphate, as this ingredient can irritate your skin.

✓ Cream or lotion:

This type of cleansers is good for dry, red or eczema-prone skin and aging skin . Such cleansers clean your skin as well as leave a hydrating layer on it. Make sure to buy product labeled non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic, because they have been specifically tested not block your pores. I would suggest to use a toner after the cream to be sure that no residue is left on your skin

✓ Oil:

If you have sensitive skin and are unable to put any skincare products on it for fear of allergic reactions then use natural oils which do not have any side effects. Cleanser oil will balance and maintain your skin’s natural pH, preventing your skin from producing excess oil. Natural oils are antibacterial and have antioxidants that help to improve skin texture and retain the skin’s typical moisture level.

✓ Melting balm:

This is for mature skin and removes makeup residue very effectively and soothes the skin in a gentle manner.

✓ Micellar water:

If you do not have much time and still want to cleanse it then micellar water can be a nice option. What makes it better is the fact that it goes with all skin types.

Here there are some suggested Cleansers for different skin type. I would suggest Dhc DHC Deep Cleansing Oil this is one of the best selling Japanese product and best for dry and aging skin. (Affiliate)


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2) Toning:

Use a good quality toner to seal the pores and tighten them so that no impurities remain stuck in them. It also removes the residue particles of cleansers making sure that your skin is thoroughly clean when you get done with your skincare routine.

3) Serum treatment:

You can use powerful alkaline serums like vitamin C, retinol and peptides to balance the pH of your skin. This removes any inflammation causing agents and hence prevent acne.

4) Moisturizing:

Use oil, a Natural oil right for your skin type to moisturize and hydrate your skin. This will prevent the loss of essential moisture and minerals in the skin.

5) Sun screening: 

Use a good quality sunscreen every day to avoid any sun damage as it will keep your skin healthier and younger for a long while.

This simple and easy skincare routine is must for all ladies who want to look fresh and have healthy skin. Just take out 10 minutes from your day for your skin and see how it starts loving you back!

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