Top Makeup Trends That Are a Must Follow This Year!


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Fashion trends shift at the speed of light in this era of style and modernism. Everybody wants to stay updated to the latest trends and styles. Well, this article will serve you a good deal out of it! This will be your guide to the top makeup trends to follow in 2019. The top styles go from on-fleek eye-liner to a bold lipstick color. Following are the top makeup trends you should definitely try on and make a bold style statement!

  1. Go foundation-free:

This year many of the top models like Val Garland, Pat McGrath opted a clean skin look. They only used primer and a bit of concealer (only where required) to complete their statement look. This is an ideal makeup trend to follow in the summers or spring. Sweating can be an obstacle in your perfect look on a summer day. So, to avoid the floury mess melting on your face, just go foundation-free. Along with this, take great care of your skin to make it almost clean and clear.

  1. The bronzer is back:

The bronzer is back in fashion. It will give a perfect sun-kissed look on a sunny day. The bronzer is complemented with a natural peachy eye-shadow and a bit of highlighter on the crease. This look is really famous on the ramp this year. This look can be used on a light tan skin. The natural bronzer shade with a perfectly combined highlighter will make your skin glow better.

  1. Pink, pink, pink:

This year pink is all over the makeup industry. From blushes to gloss or eyeshadow to mascara, a shade of pink will go perfectly fine with anything. For the monochrome look, pink is an all-time favored shade. Naturally blended pink eye shadow with a light touch on the cheekbones will set you up for your spring look in 2019. If you are wearing anything floral or kind of princess look, this is your makeup match. A light or neutral shade of lipstick color will go best with it.

  1. A bit natural Smoky eye:

For summer or spring days, a smoky eye would be too dark. But you can neutralize your look. A well-blended smudgy eyeliner will serve the purpose. A soft smoky look with glossy lips will look stunning. Smoked under-eye will definitely make you look sharper.

  1. Well-groomed eyebrows:

Eyebrows are your personal style statement. A clean and justified pair of brows always look attractive. All you need is a little brow powder and a clean mascara brush to give them a neat look. Well-groomed eyebrows make your face look sharper and attractive. A little concealer or illuminator powder around the edges will look drop-dead gorgeous!

  1. Colorful eyebrows:

Every year exciting and funky fashion statements come out. Well, this is the year of colorful eyebrows! This look challenges the stereotypes and gives a confident look on your face. Wanna try something funky? Well, you got it! Paint your eyebrows with your favorite color. It can be your new fashion goal so do try and see which color goes the best.

  1. Black eye makeup:

Well, this year is not the ‘simple black eye makeup’ year. The trend is artistic black eye makeup. It involves a genius use of the black eye shadow and eyeliner. You can add an artistic touch to your eyes conveying a message or supporting a verdict. You can use symbols or signs e.g. Chinese language symbols or arrows or shapes etc. The most promising artistic black eye makeup was shown at Christian Dior. If you are a fan then you must know the 70’s cat-eye style is back this year!

  1. Taupe eye shadow:

If your eye makeover seems a little over to you then switch to taupe eye shadow. If you want a completely natural and vintage look, then taupe is your color. You can wear it in the daytime as well as the nighttime. It gives a subtle and soulful look to your eyes. A matte nude shade lipstick will be the perfect fit with this eye shadow. A little brown matte lipstick will look stunning. Looking for a soft and subtle look for a sophisticated evening? Here’s the answer: Taupe eye shadow!

  1. Glittery eyes:

Glitter is in trend this year as well. Glittery eyes give you a starry look and make your face glow more than ever. At Kate Spade New York, the models were applied a star-themed glitter eye makeover for a party look. The glitter can be extended to give a fleek appearance.

  1. Vivid eyeshadow:

If you love colors, then this top trend is just for you. There are many rich in color eyeshadow palettes available in the market. Fresh, fruity colors are in fashion. The best part of the monochrome look is that it does not require much blending and it is easily applied on the lid. Deep green, pink, baby blue, and peachy orange colors were mostly seen on the runway in 2019. Along with this, you can also apply colored lashes to complete the colored look.

  1. No mascara look:

Well, this year was a ‘no-makeup look fashion’ year. No makeup means no mascara. It was also seen at the stage of Paris Fashion Week spring 2019. It really gives a sophisticated look to your face with a style statement made at the same time. The pastel eyeshadow will look more observant without the mascara.

  1. Glossy lips:

Gloss is all the way back in 2019! For a subtle natural look, glossy lips with a nude shade will go with every dress and occasion. With a delicate smoky eye, nude glossy lips would look fine. At Fendi, it was a noteworthy look. With a soft contour touch and finely applied eye-liner, your trendy makeup look will be complete. Also, the new glitter glosses give a completely different look.

So, these are the top-most makeup trends of 2019, which really is something to try. All these new trends can be for your everyday new look. So, try these yourself and vote out the best trends of 2019.


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