Why these beauty fridges are the new trend!


Beauty Fridges


For those who follow the latest trends about beauty and fashion, might know about the latest beauty fridges. An ultimately luxurious item to keep your serums, lotions and other beauty products cold and safe. So, it’s a new hype, right? But do you really need to buy it?

Not all of us want to keep our skincare cool all the time. But every product has its respective pros which give them the edge. So, let’s see why it has become the talk of the internet.

What are beauty fridges?

Beauty fridges are the invention of 2019 which really makes storage of your beauty products easy and simple. The highly stylish and luxurious look is a way it has attracted too many people. The hype of the product spread through Instagram and everyone started talking about it.

Now, most of the people are sharing their reviews online about their experiences. This mini fridge helps to keep your beauty products safe and cool. Everything requires a perfect temperature. Many women keep their masks and lotions in the fridge to use it cool which could add a calming effect to the skin.

The company dedicated this fridge only for beauty products. Their tagline is really cool, Face mask and chill. Obviously, masks come first on our mind when we think of beauty fridges. After the product news spreading the biggest hit, it got from Amazon. Women are really buying it and using it as a gift.

What should be on your list to add in your beauty fridge?

  1. Perfect for your facial tools too

It is also perfect for every kind of facial tools you have. You can keep your sponge and facial creams inside it. The cooling effect as we all know is sometimes, we all want for our skin. The facial tools like crystal rollers when are cool provides better blood circulation and brightens the skin complexion.

  1. Sheet masks should be on your list

Oops! How can we forget about sheet masks? They are really important, don’t you think? As they help to control skin puffiness, lines, wrinkles, and patches. Applying a cool sheet mask can be good for the skin, providing a soothing effect and leaving the skin soft and fresh.

  1. Face mists and day creams

Day creams are not necessary but if you have got some space, keep them too. We use face mists for many reasons like for an instant glow or for fresh skin etc. Spraying a cool face mist will make your face look refreshing. Well, this could be the best thing in the summer.

  1. Skincare and nail polishes

It’s obvious that all your skincare should be in that. You can also keep your nail polishes as it will help in maintaining their formula to be stable.

  1. Answer to your storage problems

Many of the reviews I saw about it, I noticed that people loved the storage of beauty fridges. As it really helped them to keep their things in place and make their vanities look organized.

  1. It’s portable:

You can take the beauty fridge anywhere you want. Going for a summer trip? Take it with you as you can keep the things you want for your skincare.

Reasons behind the craze towards the beauty fridge

There are multiple reasons that made women around the world crazy towards it.

  • A massage with a cool skin product can be refreshing to the skin.
  • Using cool beauty products is considered best for every skin type. Especially for the sensitive skin as coolness can reduce the inflammation, itchiness, and redness.
  • Having a cool mask by your side in the morning seems to be enjoyable.
  • Using cool skincare will tighten up the pores and make your skin look younger and fresh.
  • Research says that the skin absorbs skincare products effectively and efficiently when they are cool. So, it could be a plus point to have this fridge ladies.
  • The beauty fridge ensures that your products are safe for a long time. A perfect temperature keeps the formula stable to use.
  • Comes in different colors and designs that suit your room, vanity, and your style obviously.
  • Comes with a USB charger and you can easily carry it around.

The temperature of beauty fridge’s

So, this was quite a question everyone was asking about online. The makeup fridge temperature is down around 15 Celsius below room temperature. For skincare, the temperature is perfect. Either its food or beauty products a perfect temperature is required to keep them fresh. So, the products can go bad if they are kept below this temperature.

Therefore, this fridge is dedicated to just beauty products. The temperature of beauty fridge will keep your products cool not frozen. So, you can use them anytime you want and then keep them inside the fridge.

Can you put any other thing in beauty fridges?

We like crazy things right but when we listen to the fridge it might hit the idea of keeping your food in it too. As the fridge is portable you can take it around for a picnic etc. Beverages can be kept inside it if the idea is to make them cool. But, items like milk, meat, and any leftovers shouldn’t be placed in it. It doesn’t work as an actual fridge.


An invention to the tech and beauty trends with lots of benefits to enjoy. A small gift to spoil yourself or your loved ones this year. But many people find it just another item for storage. As some say that they can cool their skincare in a normal fridge.

Well, I do think they got a point but you have read above, beauty products shouldn’t be over cool. If you don’t like the product, you can get up and make your way to the kitchen to cool your beauty products. Or you can buy this modern product and enjoy its feature.

So, let’s see whether this product would make its place and cover all your needs for storage and cooling your products.



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